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Apr 12

If your faith in humanity needs a little bolstering, watch these two old ladies fly in an airplane for the first time -

This is an ad, but it’s a brilliant ad, and you should watch it.

Apr 11

The NSA has indeed been using Heartbleed against the public for years -

A ridiculous perversion of their mission.

Apr 09


"I’m going to puppet class.""I didn’t know there were puppet classes.""I didn’t either. Until I googled it."


"I’m going to puppet class."
"I didn’t know there were puppet classes."
"I didn’t either. Until I googled it."


Character Evolution 



Character Evolution 


Apr 08

Trailers - The Other Woman -

The world has waited a long time for a chick-flick revenge movie since the art form reached its pinnacle in The First Wives Club.

Lucy is a superhero movie with a female lead and no love interest -

And it looks very, very good.