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Jul 31


Jul 29

The trailer for Sin City 2 looks absolutely fantastic -

The first movie was amazing and this one looks equally beautiful (and ridiculously violent).


You Are Not Late -

A reminder that every age is the beginning of something huge later on, and you are never late to the party, you just have to identify it.

Jul 24


Jul 21

Canvas Fingerprinting is a new and incredibly sneaky method of identifying users -

It’s basically impossible to block because it doesn’t rely on you storing anything — it just asks you to draw a picture, and every computer draws it slightly differently, but any individual computer always draws it the same way. Devilish.

Stripe has an excellent post about how Bitcoin will (and will not) improve payments -

With Square and Simple thoroughly captured by the existing financial establishment, Stripe remains the company to watch for innovation in financial services. (Also, why do all financial startups start with S?)

Jul 20

“Suicides accounted for 638 of the 910 gun deaths in Arizona in 2012, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Homicides came in a distant second at 246.

That same year, a total of 747 people died of motor-vehicle-related injuries.

Gun deaths have exceeded the number of motor-vehicle deaths in Arizona every year since 2009.

Firearm deaths by suicide have far exceeded gun homicides each year for the past decade.

This blows a big hole in the argument that gun ownership keeps people safer.” — Arizona Republic,Add these troubling facts to the gun-rights debate.” (via quickhits)

Jul 17


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