An astonishing experimental therapy; the virus, rendered harmless to its host, used tumor cells to reproduce the way it always does: by reproducing itself inside of them and forcing them to explode and die. By giving her a massive dose of the vaccine, the viruses attacked all the tumor cells at once, eliminating the cancer.

Controlled tests show the fungus grows faster in the presence of high levels of radiation, and that the chemical route involved is melanin — the same chemical found in skin. Now the scientists want to know if our skin can also use radiation to produce energy. Are humans partially solar-powered?

Among other results of a detailed, decade-long study comparing gay, lesbian, and heterosexual marriages. They also found that “lesbian bed death” really does happen, that gay couples are most likely to assign power based on how much they earn, and that in general, heterosexual women are the least happy in their marriages, since their marriages are less equal and they get the short end of the stick.