I’ve met Harper a few times at conferences (when he still worked at Threadless), and it is absolutely true about his moustache. It’s an idiot-filter. If you’re the kind of person who is ignoring him on the basis of his moustache rather than listening to the smart stuff he has to say, then he didn’t want to talk to you anyway.

In future, they may start backing candidates in the primaries, in order to avoid no-hoper Tea Party candidates. Also of interest is the anecdote about how the PACs tried to coordinate with the Romney campaign, even though they were barred by law from doing so — they ran ads on an issue, and waited to see if Romney then ran similar ads. He didn’t, so they dropped the issue. (It turned out the campaign wanted them to keep running the ads, but had missed the signal)

Basically: it will look like Romney’s running away with it until 11pm, so don’t panic. It looks like an optimistic but reasonably realistic timeline until midnight, when dnta predicts both Florida and North Carolina for Barry, which is not going to happen. (I’ve no idea if the senate predictions are realistic)